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Combi 1200cw

Manufactured from High Grade 304 Stainless Steel. (Internal & External)


Internal - 1515 mm(h) x 660 mm(w) x

660 mm(d)
External - 2204 mm(h) x 819 mm(w) x 886 mm (d)


Microprocessor Controlled 12KW, 20Amp, 3 Phase, 415V, 5 Pin

Capacity 690 Litres approx. 120Kg, 12-15Hams

Large capacity small footprint design

The Microprocessor controller is user friendly which allows the
programming of smoking, cooking and drying times.

Other programmable features include:

Steam Generation

Oven & Core Temperature
Smoke Time
Delayed Starting
Microprocessor stores 99 user set smoking, drying & cooking recipes


Double Glazed Viewing Window

Interior Light

Easy cleaned and removal of air circulation system. NO REMOVING OVEN

Temperature Standard 200 Deg C for faster Cooking, Roasting & Baking

Over temperature shutdown

Hygienic easy clean load rails, reduce oven contaminants

Eight (8) product rack positions

Automatic motorised Air Inlet & Exhaust Vents

Heater Elements mounted internally reducing build up of contaminants in
direct air circulation models


Smoke Generator installed in Oven for added safety

Oven includes adjustable heavy duty feet.


3 Stainless Steel Product Racks 

8 Smoke Sticks

Drip Tray

Operation Manuals & Documentation

Clean Assist


Cold Product Showering


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